Meet Chuck Jaffe, Host of the NAVigator Podcast

Chuck Jaffe, host of Money Life, is a veteran financial journalist and formerly nationally syndicated financial columnist whose work appeared in newspapers from coast to coast.
Chuck started Money Life in 2012, the nation’s most-authoritative business and financial radio show/podcast, talking with top experts every day to cut through the financial clutter and bring you information that will increase your confidence and put you in better control of both your money and your life.
Total of Podcasts: 235
24Nov, 2023

Let’s go Black Friday discount shopping with John Cole Scott

John Cole Scott, president of Closed-End Fund Advisors and the chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance, tackles the biggest shopping day of the year closed-end fund style, talking about where discounts stand in general for the industry...

3Nov, 2023

XA’s Perry looks at the boom in non-listed funds

Steven Perry, vice president at XA Investments, discusses the surge in activity and creation for non-listed closed-end funds, covering why money managers, including a number of prominent sponsors who have never been in the space before,...

20Oct, 2023

John Cole Scott reviews a rough quarter for closed-end funds

John Cole Scott, president of Closed-End Fund Advisors -- the chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance -- digs into his data to give a recap of the third quarter for the closed-end fund industry, noting that municipal bond funds and REIT funds particularly took it on the chin...

13Oct, 2023

VettaFi’s Islam on the struggles/potential of ETFs buying closed-end funds

Roxanna Islam, head of sector and industry research at VettaFi, says that cautious retail investors have been looking for safety and yield and that while closed-end funds have traditionally filled that bill, investors in ETFs that buy closed-end funds have been avoiding a lot of the struggles by turning elsewhere to invest.

6Oct, 2023

Calamos’ Bush: Tough conditions for closed-end funds to stand out, excel

Robert Bush, director of closed-end products at Calamos Investments, says that with risk-free money from bank accounts and Treasury bonds at high levels -- and with leverage costs up in response to those higher rates -- investors can have a lot of choices for good income without ever considering closed-end funds.

29Sep, 2023

Farley of BlueBay Destra International Event-Driven Fund

Duncan Farley, manager of the BlueBay Destra International Event-Driven Credit Fund -- which Morningstar places at the very top of its peer group over its five-year existence -- talks about how special situations are plentiful in the current marketplace...