AICA’s 2020 CEF Custodian Satisfaction Survey

“AICA is seeking to better understand the current satisfaction, needs, and wish-list for the Advisers and Investment Firms that focus or specialize in the use or inclusion in CEFs, BDCs, Interval Funds. This includes the products, funds and other investment vehicles. We plan to use this data to work with custodians to add features and functions that make it easy for the closed-end fund ecosystem to grow and support its best advocates and users. We plan to turn this into an article to share the results with the participants and other key CEF/BDC and Interval fund stakeholders. Please let us know at the end if you would like to be considered as a source for the article.

To help us get a good and diverse list of responses, founding member of AICA: CEF Advisors // will offer 90 Days free access to our Daily Alerts Email for listed CEFs/BDCs for every completed response by a qualified adviser or investment professional (a $120 – $199 value). If you are a current DA subscriber they will extend your renewal date by 90 days. The 6 day a week alert service covers 100% of the press releases and SEC filings for listed CEFs/BDCs. Survey takes about 7-10 minutes.

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