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#FundsCurrent Disc/Prm10 Yr Avg Disc/PrmMarket Yield3 Yr Div Growth3 Yr RoC %LeverageNet Assets (MM)1 Yr Price St. Dev3 Yr NAV St. Dev90 Day $ Liquidity (M)90 Day Volume Trend90 Day Price/Nav CorrCorr to 12 Sectors IndexBeta to S&P 500
US / Global Equity CEFs90-8.54%-8.68%7.39%4.39%24.34%12.45%$43818.9013.5210300.36%75.46%0.71%0.76
Sector Equity CEFs109-3.48%-4.04%8.34%-7.52%38.41%18.56%$64518.9314.381866-2.80%77.34%0.75%0.71
Taxable Bond CEFs153-2.65%-2.84%7.85%-2.24%10.68%25.54%$42912.115.001258-0.24%56.48%0.62%0.18
Debt Focused BDCs44-6.19%-3.18%9.87%10.41%4.10%45.98%$80021.545.093093-4.18%N/A0.60%0.55
Municipal (tax-free) CEFs147-4.48%-3.02%4.08%-21.02%0.48%32.13%$4389.343.38784-15.68%60.80%0.27%-0.05
All Listed CEFs/BDCs548-4.99%-4.45%6.96%-7.03%15.07%25.37%$50314.847.951352-5.18%59.85%0.56%0.31
Data as of 10/17/2019 from CEFData.com
1 Week(%)1 Month(%)3 Month(%)6 Month(%)1 Year(%)3 Year(%)5 Year(%)10 Year(%)QTD(%)YTD(%)
US / Global Equity CEFs1.29%1.98%-0.26%-0.04%-0.39%0.18%0.88%1.00%7.97%6.97%10.33%8.80%6.86%6.49%7.49%7.77%0.06%0.90%20.10%15.83%
Sector Equity CEFs0.02%0.63%-2.35%-2.17%-2.06%-1.80%2.20%1.24%6.94%4.24%6.51%5.28%3.17%2.66%9.20%9.15%-1.77%-1.17%21.20%15.84%
Taxable Bond CEFs0.05%0.00%0.09%-0.59%0.38%-0.24%4.50%2.31%10.04%5.90%7.57%6.26%6.22%5.40%7.61%7.74%-0.28%-0.53%17.10%10.24%
Debt Focused BDCs1.21%0.00%-0.70%0.73%1.38%2.33%2.30%3.23%8.95%5.12%7.16%6.82%6.16%6.58%12.21%9.37%-0.69%0.00%20.73%6.22%
Municipal (tax-free) CEFs-0.77%-1.05%1.82%0.65%2.05%1.49%7.57%5.34%19.33%11.92%4.29%4.30%5.48%4.80%6.49%6.60%-0.37%-0.38%17.70%9.34%
All Listed CEFs/BDCs0.12%0.17%-0.09%-0.36%0.21%0.20%3.91%2.74%11.26%7.24%6.78%5.94%5.35%4.88%7.58%7.59%-0.60%-0.34%18.65%11.62%
Data as of 10/17/2019 from CEFData.com

Press Releases

Main Street Cap Corp (MAIN)

10/17/2019 - Dividend

Distribution amount: $0.24. Ex-div date 2019-12-12, Record date 2019-12-13, Payable date 2019-12-26. Representing semi-annual supplemental cash dividend. [...]

Gabelli Convt & Incm Sec Fd (GCV)

10/17/2019 - Leverage Amount Change

The Fund authorized the redemption of all remaining outstanding shares of Series B Cumulative Preferred Stock. The redemption date is November 18, 2019 ,... [...]

Investcorp Cr Mgmt BDC (ICMB)

10/16/2019 - Leverage Amount Change

The Company announced that it has priced a registered public offering of $15 million in aggregate principal amount of additional 6.125% Notes due 2023.... [...]

Fidus Investment Corp (FDUS)

10/16/2019 - Leverage Amount Change

The Company announced that it has closed a registered public offering of $55.0 million aggregate principal amount of its 5.375% notes due 2024, which... [...]

Investcorp Cr Mgmt BDC (ICMB)

10/15/2019 - Leverage Amount Change

The Company announced that it is offering, subject to market and other conditions, additional 6.125% Notes due 2023 in a public offering. The Notes... [...]

NB Rel-Est Sec Incm Fd (NRO)

10/15/2019 - Leverage Amount Change

The Company announced that it has successfully refinanced its debt leverage by entering into a new credit facility with a major unaffiliated lending institution.... [...]

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