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Sep24, 2021

Closed-end funds provide a better balance between liquidity and returns

Erik Herzfeld, president of Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors, says that investors are sacrificing returns for liquidity when they choose traditional mutual funds and ETFs instead of closed-end funds. The issue — which arises due to the structures of the different fund types — is a problem because most investors never even consider […]

Sep20, 2021

Robinson’s Browne: How to overcome current fixed-income struggles

In this bonus edition of The NAVigator, Jonathan Browne, director of research at Robinson Capital, talks about how closed-end funds can help investors meet their needs for income in ways that traditional fixed-income strategies are struggling to do given current rate levels. By managing duration and supplying above-market yield — and by focusing […]

Sep17, 2021

Recovering at a different pace, India is a unique opportunity

James Thom, senior investment manager in Aberdeen’s Asian equities team based in Singapore and portfolio manager for The India Fund, says that the country’s economic recovery from Covid-19 has resulted in astronomical growth levels — significantly higher than in the United States — that have the potential to continue longer, since the […]

Sep10, 2021

Less opportunities to generate income requires creative solutions

Michael Ordonez, director of client portfolio management at Thornburg Investment Management, says that the biggest issue income investors face today is economic dynamics that are leading to a ‘very difficult sustained income demand landscape, with less and less opportunities to generate that income.’ That situation led Thornburg to enter the closed-end fund space […]

Sep3, 2021

Private equity adds spice, return potential and diverse returns

Daniel Wildermuth, chief investment officer for the Wildermuth Endowment Fund — an interval fund that uses an endowment-like investment strategy built around alternative investments — discusses how private equity investments have not only weathered the storm of the pandemic, but have largely outperformed the broad stock market over the longer term, and […]

Aug27, 2021

Create a ‘quasi-bond’ to get steady, high returns now from closed-end funds

The right mix of closed-end funds creates a quasi-bond, delivers steady ionJohn Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors — the founder/executive chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance — discusses what is involved in turning portfolios of closed-end funds into ‘synthetic bonds,’ delivering consistent returns above what is available in the […]

Aug20, 2021

‘Distribution coverage ratios’ give clues on potential payout cuts

Roxanna Islam, associate director of research for Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes, discusses why her firm’s indexes of closed-end funds show particularly high yields right now, but suggests that investors keep an eye on distribution coverage ratios — which look at whether a fund’s earnings can cover its payouts — to identify […]

Aug13, 2021

Taggart says investors can find the devil is in merger details

Mike Taggart, founder of Taggart Fund Intelligence, joins the NAVigator to discuss current trends in closed-end fund mergers, and while he says that most deals benefit shareholders and management alike, he raises concerns about those times when consolidations and investment-mandate changes aren’t great for a fund’s owners. Taggart cites two affiliated funds […]

Aug6, 2021

TortoiseEcofin’s Kessens: Expect double-digit returns from energy

Portfolio manager Brian Kessens of Tortoise Ecofin, who oversees the closed-end Tortoise Pipeline and Energy, and the Tortoise Power and Energy Infrastructure Fund, says he expects double-digit total returns from midstream and other energy companies based on current high yields, supported by stock buybacks and debt paydowns. The energy sector had a […]

Jul30, 2021

BDC Reporter’s Marshi sees a ‘golden age’ ahead

Nicholas Marshi, editor of the BDC Reporter says that business development companies are heading into ‘a bit of a golden age’ over the few years as a result of low interest rates continuing to help with the cost of capital, improved credit conditions generally, and thanks to mergers that have swallowed up […]