Meet Chuck Jaffe, Host of the NAVigator Podcast

Chuck Jaffe, host of Money Life, is a veteran financial journalist and formerly nationally syndicated financial columnist whose work appeared in newspapers from coast to coast.
Chuck started Money Life in 2012, the nation’s most-authoritative business and financial radio show/podcast, talking with top experts every day to cut through the financial clutter and bring you information that will increase your confidence and put you in better control of both your money and your life.
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3Mar, 2023

Reaves’ CEO Rhame: Despite high-rate, high-inflation market, utilities are worth a look

Jay Rhame, chief executive officer at Reaves Asset Management -- president of the Reaves Utility Income Fund -- says that the dividend-growth potential for utility companies makes them a viable investment option in today's high interest-rate high inflation market. While those conditions typically are not ideal for utilities, Rhame says utility stocks are reasonably valued...

24Feb, 2023

XA’s Perry says leverage in rising-rate world is a double-edged sword

Steven Perry, vice president at XA Investments -- where he oversees product management on the XAI Octagon Floating Rate and Alternative Income Trust, -- discusses the benefits and risks associated with leverage in closed-end funds during a rising-rate environment, noting that for the closed-end fund market at the end of 2022...

17Feb, 2023

GraniteShares’ Rhind: Inflation’s peak improves prospects for BDCs and CEFs

Will Rhind, chief executive officer at GraniteShares -- which runs the GraniteShares US High Income ETF -- says that it appears to him that inflation has peaked and that interest rates are more stable, which has created a more favorable outlook for business-development companies and closed-end funds...

10Feb, 2023

Wallach Beth’s trading director on CEF liquidity and execution

Michael Beth, director of trading at WallachBeth Capital, says that for all of the growth in the closed-end fund space, the amount of trading done each day is relatively small compared to other investment vehicles, which creates challenges for investors to get efficient execution on trades...

27Jan, 2023

Abrdn’s Purington: Middle-market infrastructure has some extra pop right now

Eric Purington, portfolio manager and infrastructure specialist at abrdn, says that middle-market private investments are a path to profitability and outperformance now due to a supply-demand imbalance that has large-cap operators -- working with an 'ocean of capital' looking to do more acquisitions and pay a premium for them...