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Apr16, 2021

The role of closed-end funds in the changing 60-40 portfolio

With many experts questioning the validity of classic investment allocations, Patrick Galley of RiverNorth Capital Management discusses how closed-end funds fit into the standard 60-40 stocks/fixed-income mix as a way for investors to get more from the bond side of the equation without actually changing their broad asset plan. He also discusses […]

Apr9, 2021

How alternative credit types can build returns and balance risks

Keith Ashton, portfolio manager for the Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund (ticker ARDC), talks about why he likes collateralized loan obligations and other credits as a way of adding low-duration, high-yielding income instruments to a portfolio, and discusses what investors should expect from adding these alternative credits for the income-generating side of […]

Apr2, 2021

Interval fund structure lets manager freely pursue the ‘best ideas’

Michael Naughton, chief operating officer for U.S. retail at Lord, Abbett and Co., says the interval-fund structure — which limits shareholder redemptions — has given managers of the Lord Abbett Credit Opportunities Fund the ability to pursue the firm’s best ideas, including illiquid investments, and discusses how the liquidity risk of interval […]

Mar19, 2021

Nuveen’s Miller: Legislation, economic reopening give munis a boost

John Miller, head of municipals at Nuveen, says that the combination of the American Recovery Act and the progress towards recovery and the growing vaccination numbers, have made it so that state and local governments that had been crying poverty are now seeing a boom. He notes that municipal tax revenues have held […]

Mar18, 2021

NAVigator bonus: Finding a balance of high yield and risk in BDCs and closed-end funds

Will Rhind of GraniteShares talks about balancing high yields against risk in the GraniteShares High-Income Pass Through Securities ETF, a fund that invests entirely in business development companies and closed-end funds. Rhind discusses why the fund currently favors closed-end funds slightly, how he believes it is miscategorized by the ‘stack-and-rank services’ like […]

Mar12, 2021

Water is an overlooked part of infrastructure investing

Nick Holmes, portfolio manager for the Tortoise Essential Assets Income fund, discusses how investing in water infrastructure is mostly lumped in with other infrastructure plays, which he considers a mistake, noting that water is viewed differently as an asset class around the world than it is in the United States. He explains why […]

Mar5, 2021

Legendary manager Wick on the workings of his closed-end fund

Paul Wick, long-time manager of the Columbia Seligman Communication and Information Fund — one of the most successful sector funds in history — talks for the first time about managing a closed-end fund, Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth, and discusses the similarities and differences between the two, and whether he views the closed-end […]

Feb26, 2021

Rareview’s Azous talks the dangers that rising rates pose now

Neil Azous, chief investment officer at Rareview Capital, says that 10-year real US interest rates — which have been on the rise for the last few weeks — are ‘the most impending danger’ to investor portfolios. He says the market is now acting as if the pandemic is nearly over and says that investors […]

Feb22, 2021

NAVigator bonus: Look beyond yield and discount in picking closed-end funds

Maury Fertig, chief investment officer at Relative Value Partners, discusses the factors he considers when picking closed-end funds to add to client portfolios, and how those criteria are impacted by current market conditions that have seen closed-end issues get whipsawed by the market over the last year. Fertig appeared on The NAVigator […]

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