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May13, 2022

Is liquidity ‘a feature or a benefit’ of closed-end funds?

Bill Kelly, president of the CAIA Association, discusses the importance — which he believes is mostly misplaced — that many investors place on having daily liquidity in their investments, even though they have no intention of touching the money in the short term. The result of these mis-aligned time frames is that investors […]

May6, 2022

The search for funds in today’s ‘painful, ugly shocking’ closed-end environment

John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors and the chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance, talks about the search for closed-end funds that can deliver in rising-rate, high-inflation conditions, talks about five issues from different categories that pass muster now, and explains how in today’s business-development company space, “Sometimes discounts […]

Apr29, 2022

Low-return environment calls for savvy allocations, risk management

Nathan Shetty, head of multi-asset for Nuveen and co-manager of the Nuveen Multi-Asset Income Fund, discusses the importance of using proper allocations to generate reasonable and consistent total returns in a low-return environment. Shetty notes that proper diversification and risk management are particularly important in times like today, with so many wild cards, […]

Apr22, 2022

Taggart: Closed-end funds struggled and discounts widened during 1Q

Mike Taggart of Taggart Fund Intelligence — executive director of the Active Investment Company Alliance — reviews the first-quarter results for closed-end funds, noting that discounts widened out during a rough period for the market, reaching a crossroads where investors are trying to decide now if the discount has hit a level […]

Apr15, 2022

For private-equity success, commit to riding ‘the J-curve’

Bob Long, chief executive officer at Conversus — which manages the Conversus StepStone Private Markets Fund — returns to the NAVigator to discuss private equity and how investors looking for success must commit to overcoming the J-curve, the start-up period when private-equity investments tend to lose money in the early days in […]

Apr8, 2022

Steven Bavaria on how the ‘Income Factory strategy’ copes with current conditions

Steven Bavaria, author of “Inside the Income Factory” on SeekingAlpha.com, says that current market conditions have shown the value of focusing on income streams rather than the value of the underlying securities, allowing investors the peace of mind that comes from generating cash-flow and putting that money back to work buying at […]

Apr1, 2022

Private equity fund lets ordinary investors go after assets previously off-limits

Michael Bell, founder of Primark Capital — which runs the Primark Private Equity Investments Fund, a closed-end interval fund — discusses how changing market conditions have reduced the number of public companies and dramatically increased the number of available private equity investments, which he says are best handled in the limited-liquidity structure of an […]

Mar25, 2022

How to size up BDCs to determine the standout buys

Mitchel Penn, managing director of equity research for Oppenheimer and Co., talks about the challenges of analyzing and evaluating business-development companies, and then highlights Runway Growth Finance Corp. — which his firm expects to outperform the market and competition — to show the methodology in action and to showcase the place BDCs […]

Mar23, 2022

Matisse’s Boughton: International, emerging-markets stocks are ‘dirt cheap’

Eric Boughton, chief analyst at Matisse Capital and portfolio manager for the Matisse Discounted Closed-End Fund Strategy, says that the war in Ukraine has been creating deep discounts and bigger buying opportunities for closed-end fund investors, noting that emerging markets and international stocks went into the conflict already at low levels, which […]

Mar18, 2022

How current events are impacting the capital markets

Seth Brufsky, chief executive officer for the Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund, says that conditions since the end of the year have changed from concerns over what the Federal Reserve would do, ‘changing the calculus’ for how people should and will invest. Brusfky says the focus entering the year was on floating-rate investments, […]

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