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Nov12, 2021

Closed-end fund 2.0 is a bigger deal than the ETF revolution

Michael Spatacco, director at Bancroft Capital, says that the latest evolution in closed-end funds will have more impact on the closed-end fund business and the evolution of funds and how they are sold than exchange-traded funds had on the traditional mutual fund industry. In a wide-ranging discussion on the state of the […]

Nov5, 2021

Record supply of high-yield bonds helps to overcome inflation fears

Matt Kence, portfolio manager for the Aberdeen Credit Income Strategies Fund (ticker ACP), says that the headwinds facing high-yield investors — higher inflation and concerns over rising interest rates — can be overcome with diligent security selection from the wider range of options available now thanks to record levels of bond issuance. […]

Nov2, 2021

The outlook for BDCs is strong heading into 2022

John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors and founding chairman of the Active investment Company Alliance, gives his take on wher business-development companies stand midway into earnings season and with the New Year just around the corner. He highlights four individual BDCs, talks about portfolio construction and highlights an […]

Oct22, 2021

Market conditions should drive bond investors to floating-rate loans

Larry Holzenthaler, an investment strategist and analyst at Nuveen who specializes in floating rate and high yield investments says that income-oriented investors who have allocations to junk bonds are likely under-allocated to loan funds, which offer equal returns with less risk. Holzenthaler says the floating-rate opportunities are particularly attractive in closed-end funds, […]

Oct19, 2021

‘My fund wants to pay distributions in shares; is this good or bad?’

In this bonus edition of The NAVigator, John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors and executive chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance again helps Chuck Jaffe answer audience questions, this time going into the nuts and bolts of how funds work to answer a complex inquiry about proxy […]

Oct15, 2021

Solid energy infrastructure plays aren’t going away, now or long-term

Sam Brothwell, director of research at Energy Income Partners, says that the frothy market for energy has created solid opportunities for infrastructure plays, such as pipelines, storage facilities, and liquid natural gas logistics companies. Brothwell discusses the emergence of renewables, noting that while they hold tremendous potential, they are not replacing legacy energy […]

Oct12, 2021

Closed-end funds aren’t just for retirees any more

In this bonus edition of The NAVigator, John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors and executive chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance dispels the notion that closed-end funds are only suited for individuals in or near retirement age, investing in tax-advantaged accounts, helping host Chuck Jaffe answer a […]

Oct8, 2021

Preferred securities are the ‘sweet spot’ in this market

Eric Chadwick, president and portfolio manager at Flaherty & Crumrine, says that at a time when investors are searching for yield and are being tempted to take on more risk to get it, preferred securities are shining, providing a relatively attractive return without adding danger to the portfolio. Chadwick notes that preferreds […]

Oct1, 2021

A bond-fund mix can safely stretch for yield

Bryce Doty, senior portfolio manager at Sit Investment Associates, says that yield-hungry investors can pursue better payouts through closed-end funds without stretching dangerously for yield, though he notes they will want to diversify — and offers a number of promising funds to fill those varied portfolio slots — in order to better […]

Sep24, 2021

Closed-end funds provide a better balance between liquidity and returns

Erik Herzfeld, president of Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors, says that investors are sacrificing returns for liquidity when they choose traditional mutual funds and ETFs instead of closed-end funds. The issue — which arises due to the structures of the different fund types — is a problem because most investors never even consider […]