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Jul26, 2021

Bonus NAVigator: ICON’s Paul still likes closed-end fund opportunities

Jerry Paul, senior vice president of fixed income for ICON Advisors — manager of the ICON Flexible Bond Fund — says that fears of rising interest rates and inflation haven’t made reasonable yields on closed-end investments dry up. Paul continues to look at closed-end activism situations, which has brought him to bank-loan […]

Jul23, 2021

Tax edge makes munis attractive even as discounts shrink

Patrick Galley, chief investment officer at RiverNorth Capital Management — which runs four municipal bond closed-end funds that invest in both individual bonds and in other muni closed-end funds — says that as tax-equivalent yields in the muni space have become relatively attractive, the supply-demand picture has changed, narrowing discounts. That doesn’t […]

Jul16, 2021

Tekla’s Omstead: Great promise from ‘a new generation’ of health care firms

Dan Omstead, chief executive officer at Tekla Capital Management — which sponsors four health-care oriented closed-end funds — says that the pandemic proved the promise of health care and biotech companies as it helped vaccine maker Moderna grow from a small form to one of the largest health-care companies in the world, […]

Jul9, 2021

Bulldog’s Goldstein on the hard path facing activist shareholders

Long-time activist investor Phillip Goldstein, co-founder and portfolio manager at Bulldog Investors, says that narrowing discounts and regulatory and legal changes have made it tougher for shareholders to find appropriate targets where they can mount a viable campaign against management. A new law proposed in Congress would take that further, Goldstein says, […]

Jul2, 2021

John Cole Scott on discounts vs. dollars, the recovery and what’s next

It’s the 100th NAVigator podcast, and John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors and the executive chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance returns to discuss narrowing discounts and why investors shouldn’t wait for them to widen before investing, developments in the closed-end business, the state of closed-end funds […]

Jun25, 2021

Rob Shaker on what’s next for closed-end discounts

Portfolio manager Rob Shaker of Shaker Financial Services returns to The Navigator, having been a happy camper when discounts grew massive at the start of the pandemic, and having been more circumspect as they narrowed late in 2020. Now, he’s seeing pockets of opportunity, looking for relative bargains and watching to see whether […]

Jun18, 2021

Covered call funds help combat heightened volatility

Daniel Ashcraft, portfolio manager for Gateway Investment Advisers — part of the firm’s team responsible for running the Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund — says that with volatility on the rise and likely to stay that way, covered-call strategies are headed for a period that should be ideal, where they can […]

Jun11, 2021

Tender funds offer alternative structure and investments, plus flexibility

Bob Long, chief executive officer at Conversus, discusses how ‘tender funds’ give investors access to private markets, which creates improved diversification and generates an investment premium. Long discusses the pros and cons to the fund structure, as well as the challenges of evaluating the funds given the absence of ratings and rankings […]

Jun4, 2021

Griffin’s Anderson sees broad opportunities, solid trends in real estate

Randy Anderson, chief executive officer at GC Asset Management and portfolio manager for the Griffin Capital Institutional Access Real Estate fund says that the bad headlines the real estate market got during the coronavirus pandemic have not materialized as expected, at least where institutional real estate (high quality properties/investable markets), noting that the […]

May28, 2021

Firms benefit from using alts, ESG both here and abroad

Kimberly Flynn, managing director for alternative investments at XA Investments, discusses how money managers benefit from opening London-based unit investment trusts — roughly the equivalent of a US-based closed-end fund — and how the strategies have synergies, especially with illiquid alternatives, that are making for new and interesting investments, notably right now […]