Meet Chuck Jaffe, Host of the NAVigator Podcast

Chuck Jaffe, host of Money Life, is a veteran financial journalist and formerly nationally syndicated financial columnist whose work appeared in newspapers from coast to coast.
Chuck started Money Life in 2012, the nation’s most-authoritative business and financial radio show/podcast, talking with top experts every day to cut through the financial clutter and bring you information that will increase your confidence and put you in better control of both your money and your life.
Total of Podcasts: 235
15Sep, 2023

Angel Oak’s McBurnette on opportunities in housing, mortgages

Colin McBurnette, senior portfolio manager at the Angel Oak Funds, says that while high-rate and high-inflationary conditions have made a lot of investors worry about the housing market, those conditions -- along with wide spreads and low housing stocks creating an imbalance in the supply-and-demand dynamic -- have created real opportunities in the space.

8Sep, 2023

Oppenheimer’s Penn: BDCs have adjusted to higher default risks

Mitchel Penn, managing director of equity research at Oppenheimer and Co., says that higher interest rates and stubborn inflation have impacted business development companies in terms of both defaults and leverage, but he notes that BDC executives have taken steps to minimize the impacts.

1Sep, 2023

Four classic closed-end funds that remain relevant and vibrant today

Veteran money manager David Tepper, president of Tepper Capital Management, looks at four of the oldest closed-end funds -- Adams Diversified Equity, Central Securities, General American Investors and Tri-Continental -- that he has owned for decades, but which remain relevant and effective today, and which are trading at attractive discounts now.

25Aug, 2023

40 closed-end funds, a million ways to build a portfolio

John Cole Scott, president, Closed-End Fund Advisors -- chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance -- discusses portfolio construction and the many factors that go into a diversified safe and solid separately managed account with closed-end funds and business-development companies as the primary focus.

4Aug, 2023

Economic conditions have given private credit lenders more power

Chris Oberbeck, chairman and chief executive at Saratoga Investment Corp., says that the balance of power in the lender-borrower relationship has shifted dramatically in the last 12 to 24 months, with banks now pulling back which is leaving private lenders with better terms and more power to insist on superior deals.