Meet NAVigator Podcast host Chuck Jaffe

Jane King interviews financial journalist Chuck Jaffe, host of AICA’s NAVigator Podcast. Jaffe discusses the genesis and purpose of the podcast, saying its aim is to enlighten the public about closed-end funds and spotlight the investment industry professionals who work with them. He says podcast discussions are never scripted and seek to provide a useful mix of educational and timely fund performance information.

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8Dec, 2023

Abrdn’s Taggart says discounts are ‘overplayed’

Mike Taggart, closed-end fund specialist at abrdn, says that the overwhelming majority of closed-end funds were created to generate income -- and built with that in mind -- but that the sector gets a lot of its attention as the result of discounts...

24Nov, 2023

Let’s go Black Friday discount shopping with John Cole Scott

John Cole Scott, president of Closed-End Fund Advisors and the chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance, tackles the biggest shopping day of the year closed-end fund style, talking about where discounts stand in general for the industry...