The Company announced that it completed a $350.55 million term debt securitization transaction with a four-year reinvestment period, twelve-year final maturity in the form of a collateralized loan obligation (“CLO”). PFLT will retain all the subordinated notes through a consolidated subsidiary. The reinvestment period for the term debt securitization ends no later than April 2028 and the Debt is scheduled to mature in April 2036. The term debt securitization is expected to be approximately 100% funded at close. The proceeds from the Debt will be used to repay a portion of PFLT’s $386.0 million secured credit facility. In addition, the Company acts as retention holder in the transaction to retain exposure to the performance of the securitized assets. GreensLedge Capital Markets LLC acted as lead placement agent on the CLO transaction. As of 2024-02-23, the Fund’s leverage was 49.4% and Debt Focused BDC Group leverage was 51.1%.