The board of trustees (the “Board”) of NXG NextGen Infrastructure Income Fund (NYSE: NXG) (the “Fund”) has approved the terms of the issuance of transferable rights (“Rights”) to the holders of the Fund’s common shares (the “Common Shareholders”) of beneficial interest, par value $0.001 per share (“Common Shares”), as of the record date, entitling the holders of those Rights to subscribe for Common Shares (the “Offer”). The Board, based on the recommendations and presentations of the Fund’s investment adviser, Cushing® Asset Management, LP, doing business as NXG Investment Management (the “Investment Adviser”), and others, has determined that it is in the best interests of the Fund and the Common Shareholders to conduct the Offer and thereby to increase the assets of the Fund available for investment. In making this determination, the Board considered a number of factors, including potential benefits and costs. In particular, the Board considered the Investment Adviser’s belief that the Offer would enable the Fund to take advantage of existing and future investment opportunities that may be or may become available, consistent with the Fund’s investment objective to seek high total return with an emphasis on current income. The Offer also seeks to provide an opportunity to existing Common Shareholders to purchase Common Shares at a discount to market price (subject to a sales load).