The Company announced the amendment of its revolving credit facility. The recently closed amendment provides an extension of the Credit Facility’s final maturity to August 2027. The total commitments of the Credit Facility increased from $855.0 million to $920.0 million while maintaining an expanded accordion feature that allows for an increase up to $1.4 billion of total commitments from new and existing lenders on the same terms and conditions as the existing commitments. As part of this amendment, the reference rate used to determine the borrowing interest rate was changed from LIBOR to Term SOFR plus an applicable credit spread adjustment. Borrowings will bear interest at the same interest rate spread of 1.875% so long as Main Street satisfies certain agreed upon excess collateral and leverage requirements, consistent with the historical requirements under the Credit Facility. In addition to the extended maturity and increased commitments, Main Street continues to maintain two, one-year extension options under the amended Credit Facility which could extend the final maturity of the Credit Facility for up to two additional years, subject to certain conditions, including lender approval. As of 2022-08-03, the Fund’s leverage was 48.0% and Debt Focused BDC Group leverage was 49.5%.