The Active Investment Company Alliance conference that will be held in New York City on November 6th  is specifically designed for advisors interested in closed-end funds (CEFs), business development companies (BDCs) and interval funds, the conference boasts a diverse and top-notch speaker line-up: Conference Page:

The event will highlight topics such as:

  • How institutions and traders handle moving large buy and sell order in the market efficiently.
  • Learn from specialists in Business Development Companies (BDC’s) how to analyze and rate the managers, specifically why premiums can be good, and discounts can be bad for some funds that often yield 7% to 9%+.
  • Interval Funds have had a 300%+ growth in the past 5 years, to almost 160 active funds with $77 Billion in combined $AUM. Why are interval (and tender offer) funds so becoming so popular for alternative investmenting?

The event will feature 7 Panels and 3 presentations and has been approved for 7 CE Credits from the CFP board.

Here is a small sample of what you can expect from our 30+ presenters:

“Nasdaq continues to make it welcoming for BDCs & CEFs to list with a much lower listing fee schedule than for normal corporate common stock.  There is a significant listing fee savings for CEFs families, and newly listed BDCs receive a suite of IR services with the Listing.”

-Andy Hall, Managing Director, Nasdaq New Listings

“Conference attendees will learn about the key factors necessary to analyze and trade closed-end funds, including how successful institutional investors weigh the power of discount mean reversion, project the odds of success of activist approaches, and source liquidity when trading.”

-Eric Boughton, Portfolio Manager, Matisse Capital

“BDCs are a gift to credit nerds. Their portfolios are sitting there in broad daylight. Attendees will learn how to comb investments for direct lending mandates, pricing insights, distressed opportunities and more.”

-Kelly Thompson, Founder & Editor, Direct Lending Deals.

“At the Alternative Income session, attendees will learn about different asset classes that help generate income or capital appreciation for portfolios and provide diversity and noncorrelation of returns.”

-Tony Huang, Director, Advent Capital Management

“Takeaway: Sources for Higher Total Returns and Opportunities to Access Alternatives that Cannot Be Accessed via Mutual Funds and ETFs”

-Kimberly Flynn, Managing Director, XA Investments 

“The CEF IPO structure has changed dramatically in the last year and now addresses many of the objections to buying on the IPO.  This has reopened the IPO market and will hopefully lead to a robust calendar of new and innovative strategies coming to market”.  

-Jerry R. Raio, Arbor Lane Advisors, Inc. President and CEO  

“Attendees will get a unique insight from a BDC industry veteran about the dramatic changes underway in the BDC sector that will drastically change, within the space of the next two years, the size, composition and focus of the industry, and will just as radically alter the risk-return dynamics for investors.” 

-Nicholas Marshi, Publisher, BDC Reporter 

 “BDCs are arguably exceptionally attractive investment opportunities, provided investors conduct a deep dive on research and understand the business model and the risk taken vs. the reward of the total return”

-Barry Sloane, CEO of Newtek Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ:NEWT):

“Advisors will be introduced to a unique 40 act private equity fund.  Once reserved for the ultra high net worth and institutional investor only, Sharespost is on a mission to offer all investors the opportunity to access a diversified portfolio of pre-IPO stock of America’s next generation of great companies like SpaceX and 23andMe.

-Christian Munafo, Sharespost 100 Fund, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

“An approach to investing in CEFs that is likely to be successful over the long term.”

 -Phillip Goldstein, Managing Member, Bulldog Investors

“A greater understanding of Interval Fund structures and their acceptance into the marketplace.”

 -James J. Curry, AVP, Senior Key Account Consultant, Distribution Services | SS&C ALPS

We hope to see you at our upcoming conference in just under two weeks! As a special benefit for being a reader of  Advisor Perspectives we have a 20% discount code to lower pricing to $199 from the regular $249 rate. The code is: AdvisorPerspectives20%. Visit  to register