AICA Member Profile: VettaFi

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VettaFi LLC is a provider of indexing, data and analytics, industry-leading conferences, and digital distribution services to exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers and fund managers. It operates the ETFdb, Advisor Perspectives, and ETF Trends websites and the LOGICLY portfolio analytics platform, which together engage millions of investors annually and empower and educate the modern financial advisor and institutional investor. VettaFi is a wholly owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited (TMX Group).

There are $31 billion in assets linked to VettaFi’s indexes, including $28 billion in benchmarked assets. The company is comprised of finance industry veterans, entrepreneurs, tech experts, and data scientists.

VettaFi stands apart in the industry on account of its:

  • Adherence to the International Organization of Securities Commissions Principles for Financial Benchmarks, considered the global standard for financial benchmarks
  • Uses the latest cloud-based technology for all index research, design, calculation, dissemination, and management for over 200 customers
  • Allows ETF issuers to customize lead generation, intelligence gathering, index licensing, and other solutions based on business needs and goals

Indexing Services

VettaFi is the index provider for the largest and oldest closed-end ETF, the Invesco CEF Income Composite ETF (ticker symbol PCEF), and the only municipal bond closed-end ETF, the VanEck CEF Muni Income ETF (ticker symbol XMPT).

Advisor Services

Along with the many services it provides for ETF issuers and fund managers, VettaFi also offers a suite of services for financial advisors. These services include providing investment news and analysis via its journalistic publications Advisor Perspectives and ETF Trends; the web-based research and portfolio management tools LOGICLY and ETF Database; and Exchange, the largest in-person conference for finance professionals. The service provider also develops and markets a series of informative webinars.

Q&A with Roxanna Islam

VettaFi’s Head of Sector and Industry Research, Roxanna Islam, CFA, CAIA, offers more insight into the firm and its relationship with AICA:

Where do you feel VettaFi does its best work?

VettaFi does its best work with ETFs and indexing, whether that’s a standard equity ETF or fixed income ETF, or in specialty areas like closed-end funds (CEF) or alternatives. VettaFi offers services including research, indexing, data, and digital distribution.

Name one thing most investment professionals misunderstand regularly.

Investment professionals often don’t realize how versatile ETFs can be. ETFs don’t just track indexes. In fact, active ETFs were one of the biggest stories of 2023. ETFs can also help investors access more niche corners of the market like closed-end funds.

What would be most helpful to the CEF industry going forward?

The industry needs better education, research, and data for financial advisors and investors.

Where do you see VettaFi in three years?

We envision VettaFi as an even larger brand with expanded research and data capabilities, more indexing AUM, and a wider audience for our digital distribution.

Why did you decide to become a member of AICA?

We joined AICA to expand our reach in the CEF industry. We enjoy the educational aspect: the podcasts, interviews, and articles from industry experts. AICA content has really helped us stay on top of the industry.

What do you love most about our industry?

You can’t get bored in this industry! There’s always something new to read, watch, or listen to.

Who inspires you?

By anyone in the broader financial industry who is willing to build real connections with others, which is sometimes more difficult in a technology-based world. Little things like introductions and thank you notes can go a long way.

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