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About AIC Alliance

Mission: The Active Investment Company Alliance (AICA) will be the premier 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association for listed closed-end funds, business development companies, interval and tender offer funds. Membership will be broad-based globally across fund sponsors (member firm who manages a closed-ended management company, BDC or equivalent), or product sponsors (member firm who manages an investment product: open-end, UIT, ETF, CEF, SMA, LP where the underlying investments are focused on closed-ended management companies, BDC or equivalent).

We will work to engage, educate, connect and offer transparency for investment professionals and investors; seek to gain better advocacy and guidance from regulators to protect investors and to support quality fund managers and sponsors.

Vision: High quality staff, events, and content, creating rich and meaningful investor engagement to meet the needs of the CEF / BDCs / iCEF ecosystem.

  • Regular articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, live events and conferences
  • Educate Individual and Investment Professionals on CEFs, BDCs / Non-listed funds to increase demand and use
  • Unify and maintain consistent standards for data reporting
  • Stabilize the shareholder-base of US Funds like UK for listed CEFs
  • Model the success of trade associations like the AIC in London and NAREIT in the US
  • Maintain a high level of transparency within the organization by providing members with detailed financial reports semiannually

Meet AICA’s Staff

John Scott