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The Active Investment Company Alliance (AICA) will be the premier 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association for listed closed-end funds, business development companies, interval and tender offer funds.

Membership will be broad-based globally across fund sponsors (member firm who manages a closed-ended management company, BDC or equivalent), or product sponsors (member firm who manages an investment product: open-end, UIT, ETF, CEF, SMA, LP where the underlying investments are focused on closed-ended management companies, BDC or equivalent).

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Average CEF Universe Data

#FundsCurrent Disc/Prm10 Yr Avg Disc/PrmMarket Yield3 Yr Div Growth3 Yr RoC %LeverageNet Assets (MM)1 Yr Price St. Dev3 Yr NAV St. Dev90 Day $ Liquidity (M)90 Day Volume Trend90 Day Price/Nav CorrCorr to 12 Sectors IndexBeta to S&P 500
US / Global Equity CEFs82-12.63%-9.77%8.03%1.83%29.04%9.13%$63816.8118.621331-8.13%78.24%68.50%0.81
Sector Equity CEFs92-6.50%-4.69%8.26%24.21%27.76%16.18%$87816.6117.192604-6.18%86.14%68.42%0.75
Taxable Bond CEFs135-2.45%-4.85%10.10%11.23%19.08%25.58%$43413.727.931650-10.38%61.09%64.61%0.61
Debt Focused BDCs46-0.29%-5.94%10.43%20.69%1.05%50.70%$146223.386.557895-1.52%N/A44.40%0.65
Municipal (tax-free) CEFs108-9.87%-5.25%5.09%-12.45%8.37%30.94%$49111.556.74989-4.33%69.49%66.14%0.98
All Listed CEFs/BDCs467-6.85%-6.07%8.20%7.80%18.06%24.56%$66915.4211.232231-6.95%66.16%64.18%0.72
Data as of 05/22/2024 from
1 Week(%)1 Month(%)3 Month(%)6 Month(%)1 Year(%)3 Year(%)5 Year(%)10 Year(%)QTD(%)YTD(%)
US / Global Equity CEFs0.27%-0.35%5.68%5.00%5.89%5.75%14.96%12.88%18.94%17.26%-0.39%0.82%7.13%7.42%6.06%5.82%1.26%1.39%8.43%7.07%
Sector Equity CEFs0.00%-0.34%5.53%4.63%8.52%7.45%16.24%13.62%20.10%17.82%4.09%4.95%5.63%5.96%4.67%4.51%2.54%2.03%10.72%7.98%
Taxable Bond CEFs0.32%-0.09%3.65%2.09%4.11%2.59%12.56%8.33%19.29%12.62%0.47%0.64%4.12%3.46%4.40%3.89%1.32%0.57%6.80%3.16%
Debt Focused BDCs-0.98%0.18%0.73%0.52%4.79%2.25%10.59%3.86%25.69%9.92%8.34%8.22%7.93%6.02%7.55%6.96%1.67%0.66%5.41%2.64%
Municipal (tax-free) CEFs-0.69%-0.92%2.40%0.87%0.53%-0.14%8.18%5.76%7.71%6.56%-5.99%-3.39%-0.41%0.27%2.33%2.76%-0.36%-0.61%2.79%-0.57%
All Listed CEFs/BDCs-0.11%-0.35%3.80%2.65%4.57%3.39%12.53%9.09%17.30%12.81%0.14%1.24%4.17%4.08%4.43%4.28%1.22%0.73%6.88%3.84%
Data as of 05/22/2024 from

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