The Board of each of Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust (NYSE American: HNW), Pioneer Floating Rate Trust (NYSE: PHD), Pioneer High Income Trust (NYSE: PHT), Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust (NYSE: MAV) and Pioneer Municipal High Income Trust (NYSE: MHI) (each, a “Fund”) announced today that it has voted to redomicile the Fund from a Delaware statutory trust to a Maryland corporation (in each case, the “redomiciling”).
Amundi Asset Management US, Inc. will continue to serve as each Fund’s investment adviser following the redomiciling. There will be no change to a Fund’s investment objective and strategies, portfolio management team, policies and procedures or the members of the Board overseeing the Fund as a result of the Fund’s redomiciling.

For each Fund, the redomiciling will be effected through a statutory merger of the current Delaware statutory trust with and into a newly-established Maryland corporation formed for the purpose of effecting the redomiciling. For each Fund, each outstanding share of beneficial interest of the Delaware statutory trust will be automatically converted into one share of common stock of the Maryland corporation. There will be no tax impact to a Fund or its shareholders as a direct result of the Fund’s redomiciling. It is anticipated that each Fund’s redomiciling will be consummated mid-April.

Following each Fund’s redomiciling, the rights of shareholders will be governed by Maryland General Corporation Law and the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Fund. Each Fund’s Board has adopted a resolution to cause the Fund to be subject to the Maryland Control Share Acquisition Act (the “Control Share Act”) following the redomiciling, as reflected in each Fund’s Bylaws.