The Company announced that it has entered into a new Rule 10b5-1 stock trading plan to facilitate the repurchase of its common stock in accordance with its recently authorized share repurchase program, effective March 22, 2023.

Repurchases may be made in the open market at prevailing market prices from time to time as market conditions warrant. All repurchases will be implemented in accordance with the applicable requirements of Rules 10b5-1 and 10b-18 under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Under the share repurchase program, authorized by the Company’s Board of Directors on March 6, 2023, the Company may repurchase up to an aggregate of $5.0 million of its shares of common stock in the open market until March 31, 2024, a portion of which may be purchased pursuant to the above-described new Rule 10b5-1 stock trading plan.